Fürstlich Castell'sches Domänenamt

Casteller Kugelspiel Silvaner 2018

  • Anbaugebiet Franconia / Germany
  • Rebsorte Silvaner
  • Art.Nr. CA33-18
  • Gebinde 0,75 l


The Castell family owns 70 hectares of the finest franconian vineyard sides. The majority is the white variety Silvaner. The terroir is characterized by a continental climate and gypsum skeuper soil, which gives the wines their spicy, strong note.


Followed by a cold winter, April began a hot and dry summer. All foliage work had to be done quickly. In early June they had the last significant rainfall, unfortunately with hailstorms.  The harvest was over in only 20 days, the grapes hang healthy and as if painted on the vines. Also, no rainy season was in sight, thus the grape harvest went without any problems. The vineyards have brought good qualities despite these adversities.


Kugelspiel vineyard, sandy clay soil with sand stone inclusions


Single bow. Selective hand-picking in small boxes. Gentle pressing, ageing partly in wooden barrels and partly spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Approx. 4 months rest on fine yeast. 

49° 44`Silvaner 2016

  • Anbaugebiet
    Franconia / Germany
  • Rebsorte
  • Art.Nr.