Start up...


Can a company that was founded in 1786 have the spirit and character of a start-up today? Absolutely! We don’t consider this combination contradictory, but rather important and exciting.

We see the enjoyment of innovation, the constant willingness to improve existing processes, and the great enthusiasm for communicating wine culture in the most diverse ways and channels, as a great opportunity.  It offers each individual Team Member various opportunities and perspectives. Anyone who appreciates working independently, who wants to develop and improve, who prefers to pursue his or her vocation rather than just doing a job, and who also loves wine culture, is welcome to join us.

Our company distributes top German wines abroad and at the same time works as a negociant, producer and developer of our own successful wine brands.

A distinctive network of excellent partners in Japan, US, China, the Baltic States, Scandinavia and other countries allows us to think internationally and to look beyond our own German horizons. We also have a 100% subsidiary in the US, which gives us specific access to the United States. Today, more than ever, Valckenberg lives from the courage, skills and abilities of every single person in the company; that is why trust and responsibility in the organization, and work, family, studies, etc. is the focus for us. We are always happy to discuss flexible working models, individual solutions and long-term career planning with you.

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